Learning Resource Center.

An exclusive learning resource center has a collection of academic and general books in various subject areas. It provides services at every stage of students’ education to support in achieving their goals-getting an excellent result, discussions, group studies,etc.

Computer Lab.

Mont Royale College provides access to the computer lab for all the students. The computers in the lab are equipped with Internet access, scanners and printers. The computers are arranged in rows, so that every workstations has a similar view of one end of the room to facilitate lecturing or presentations.

Bus Shuttle Service.

The shuttle bus provides pick up and drop offs from the college to students’ hostel, Amara Condominium. The bus departs 7am every morning from Amara Condominium and reaches the college at 7.40am. The journey from the students’ hostel to college will take approximately 40 minutes under normal traffic conditions.


Accommodation is provided for all the local students who enroll themselves at Mont Royale College. Students are equipped with all the basic amenities such as bed, cupboard, kitchen utensils, etc for their comfort.

Download: Hostel Handbook