The philosophy of Mont Royale College is based on the premise that education is the cornerstone of a literate, democratic society; that learning is a lifelong process; and that the pursuit of knowledge must be supported by institutional policies that demonstrate the aims, objectives and learning outcomes are in line with vision and mission. Our commitments towards achieving the mooting point are as follows:

Provide quality educational programs which are academically, geographically, financially, technologically, and physically accessible to meet the educational needs of a diverse, multicultural population within our community.

Maintain institutional policies, programs, practices and efforts, which provide an emphasis on a learning-centered college for students.

Develop the intellectual, physical, social, cultural, and career potential of the individual.

Promote diversity in faculty, staff, and student recruitment; staff development; and cultural enrichment activities.

Cooperate with other local, state and national organizations and provide leadership that will enhance educational services and avoid duplication of services.